Security Operation Center (SOC) Services

Even with the best protection gear and knowledgeable on-site team, some DDoS attacks may be difficult to mitigate with a limited staff. Attacks may last for days and include multiple attack vectors that are gradually introduced, as well as new sophisticated DDoS attack tools, which cannot be mitigated by protection gear. This is where our DDoS Security Operation Center (SOC) comes into play.

Composed of security experts trained in DDoS mitigation, the SOC can be engaged during sophisticated, massive attacks that require special care. With a hands-on approach, our experts take part in the defense from the moment the attack is identified till the full restoration of normal network operations.

On call 24/7

Our team provides 24x7 security services. When facing severe denial-of-service (DoS) or distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks that are too difficult to handle independently, you can count on our instant service and expert assistance.  

Instant execution of DDoS prevention methods

Our team offers rich expertise in utilizing all protection modules and capabilities of our protection gear, including tuning and tweaking it under extreme pressure and traffic loads. The SOC can instantly implement a range of DDoS mitigation techniques, including in-house proprietary tools for pattern analysis and advanced custom challenge methods.
The immediate, real-time analysis translates into effective enforcement of mitigation actions – on either the CPE device or the scrubbing center equipment.

Zero-day attacks

Our SOC team offers extensive experience handling zero-day DDoS attacks, which attempt to exploit previously unknown vulnerabilities using new tools, bots and scripts. By analyzing traffic in real-time our security experts fine-tune mitigation gear and craft ad-hoc signatures to quickly respond to any new type of attack.