MSSP Solutions | CyberDAM-DDOS for MSSPs

CyberDAM for MSSPs brings together best-in-class technology, DDoS experts, and an SLA commitment for the best attack detection, notification and mitigation response times. Offered as a white label, outsource service, ​CyberDAM is based on a robust cloud infrastructure that can mitigate attacks reaching hundreds of Gbps, which cannot be handled by DDoS protection appliances installed at the perimeter of datacenters or by an ISP service.  

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Global Network of Scrubbing Centers

SecurityDAM Global Network of Scrubbing Centers

Located at main internet intersections, our global network of scrubbing centers provides a mitigation capacity of over 2Tbps. It enables filtering data and passing only legitimate traffic to a customer’s data center using GRE tunnels or proxy servers. Each center can absorb the largest volumetric attacks and handle redirected customer traffic, while ensuring the highest availability and adding only minimal latency.

Scrubbing centers are designed in full resilient mesh topology, based on N+1 redundancy on all networking (routers, switches, load balancers) and mitigation elements, as well as GRE tunnels to end-customer data centers. This ensures continues operation of each scrubbing center during maintenance and/or element failure.

To provide high capacity and availability at all times, as well as flexibility in customer diversion options, our scrubbing centers are connected to the Internet through multiple Tier1 carries for internet connectivity and backup each other.

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Multi-tenant management

MSSP Dashboard
Using the SecurityDAM role-based dashboard, your security staff can easily manage multiple DDoS customers:
  • Subscription management
  • Service provisioning
  • Monitoring and reporting
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Security Operation Center

SecurityDAM’s Security Operation Center (SOC) is staffed 24/7 with top DDoS security experts to provide the fastest and most efficient response to DDoS attacks and any ongoing issues. The SOC provides:  
  • Provisioning of new customers, customer support and help desk
  • 24/7 monitoring of customers’ protected assets, with immediate awareness and response to attacks
  • Quick analysis of attacks and execution of any necessary DDoS prevention methods
  • Analysis of zero-day attacks and setup of new signatures for successful mitigation
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End customer self-service portal

End-Customer portal - Dashboard
A web-based portal provides end customers with insight into the service status, provisioning and past performance. The portal can be branded with your name and logo and provides customers with:
  • Real-time view of protected assets, incident info, traffic, - and mitigation stats
  • Analysis of attack data including vectors, sources and destinations
  • Reports covering historical data, trends and forensic analysis
  • Self-provisioning of protected assets and users 
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Mitigation of any type of DDoS attack

Mitigation of volumetric attacks
SecurityDAM lets you offer monitoring, detection and mitigation of DDoS attacks, regardless of your customer location, number of services or protected assets/networks, ISP connections or network configuration. It is offered in two modes: On-Demand and Always-On.

On-Demand service constantly monitors customers’ protected assets to identify the emergence of volumetric DDoS attacks, using one or more of the following methods:
  • Analyzing NetFlow records and SNMP queries
  • Communicating with a dedicated DDoS protection appliance such as Radware’s DefensePro, thereby creating a hybrid DDoS protection service
  • Monitoring the availability and response time of customers’ internet-facing services
Once a volumetric attack is detected, traffic is re-directed through our global network of scrubbing centers, using BGP routing advertising or DNS changes, depending on the network configuration. Traffic diversion may also be triggered via a request on the service portal, by communicating directly with the SOC, or using the SecurityDAM API.  

The Always-on service routes traffic through our scrubbing centers at all times to automatically detect and mitigates both volumetric and application level DDoS attacks.

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