CyberDAM. Vulnerability Assessment

Identify Security Vulnerabilities, Repair Weaknesses and Ensure Compliance

We give you unparalleled visibility of your risks – from network weaknesses to misconfigured assets and insecure web applications. CyberDAM.VA automatically scans all assets and web applications, identifies vulnerabilities, prioritizes risks, and provides remediation recommendations.

Continuous discovery and scanning of network assets and web applications

Thousands of unique tests and deep scanning of perimeter assets and web apps to identify vulnerabilities

Scanning for OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities in web applications

A threat level is assigned to each vulnerability, based on its severity and the asset’s sensitivity

Practical remediation recommendations

24/7 SOC with skilled security professionals

The Vulnerability Assessment Methodology


Find the different network assets


Run set of tests to look for potential  vulnerabilities


Identify, aggregate & rate security risks using intelligent tools


Generate summary & technical reports with remediation recommendations

Repair & Verify

Execute & implement resolutions suggested

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Comprehensive Perimeter Scanning

Schedule continuous remote scans to discover hardware/software servers and network devices on your data center, hosting or cloud service. CyberDAM.VA then executes thousands of unique tests with configurable scanning depths and intrusive levels to detect security flaws. You may also define the sensitivity and business impact of assets to affect threat severity scores.

Web Applications Scanning

Find vulnerabilities in your Web apps before attackers do. Using dynamic scanning technology (DAST) CyberDAM.VA runs exhaustive scanning, including OWASP Top 10 risks for defending against online attacks such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting.

Actionable Vulnerability Assessment

Use our dashboard for a quick view of your security risks, and get a complete picture of your network security status using detailed online displays and reports. Review vulnerability scores for each asset or web application, and view risks categorized by severity, vulnerability type, or asset. Get detailed remediation suggestions, and define notifications to alert on vulnerable sensitive assets.

Better Compliance

Upgrade your security management practices by automating risk assessment processes and ensuring better compliance and protection of IT systems, applications and assets across your organization.

Quick Onboarding

Getting started could not be easier. Simply provide the IP address or range of addresses owned by your company, located in your datacenter, hosting or cloud service, and scanning begins. No need for hardware, software or agent installation.

Hassle Free Solution

Fully managed, no installation, no software, no hardware, with no CAPEX costs.

Cross Platform

Can scan and run on any device and appliances – all assets, all platforms – full aggregation from different leading VA tools and vendors.

Full Visibility

One comprehensive management platform. Multi tenant – for multiple customer management.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Save & avoid outages & critical failures  costs  of millions of dollars by using the right analytics

White Label Service

Offering MSSPs to add VA solution to their services, boost their brand & take advantage as a technology expert, while taking away the hassle of support.

24/7/365 Expert Support

Highly skilled SOC experts (network & security) always on watch.


Expand your security offering with enterprise-grade DDoS protection, offered as a white label, outsource service.

For Enterprises

Maximize real-time DDoS protection with unmatched response time SLA and a 24/7 response team.

As the world’s best colocation data center provider, we want to provide our customers with the highest quality cyber-attack protection available today. With Cloud DDoS we can maintain business continuity for our customers even in the face of a volumetric attack.

EVP Connectivity- world leader in colocation design, development and mission critical operations

In order to mitigate the DDoS attack against us, we partnered with one of the world’s premier DDoS protection companies. With Cloud DDoS we found a solution that was capable of protecting us without compromising email privacy. Given the magnitude of the attack we faced, we knew that we would have to work with the best, and BGP redirection solution fit our requirements.

CEO- Secure email provider

Given the magnitude of the attack we faced, we chose Cloud DDoS to mitigate the attack campaigns against us. We were immediately able to regain normal operation during the cyber-attacks. Many APDoS and DDoS attacks have been thwarted and mitigated since the service was activated, including two massive attacks of 130 Gbps and 113 Gbps. The solution provides exactly what it sells: DDoS protection with minimal to zero downtime.

President & CEO, leading provider of trusted encryption solutions

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