Worried About Black Friday Cyber Scams?

Then DDoS Attack Prevention should be on your shopping list for the upcoming holiday season.


Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the holidays overall are the favorite seasons – not only of online shoppers, but also of hackers launching cyber attacks.

As a retailer, you might be focused on ensuring that your online store can cope with huge peaks in these biggest shopping days of the year. But are you also prepared to defend your ecommerce site against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, which flood a target website with redundant traffic and take them offline?

In November last year, the UK-based William Hill website was hit with a DDoS attack, preventing many of its customers from being able to access its main website. “The 24-hour outage may have cost the publicly-listed company roughly £4.4 million!”.

Being shut down on such days could not only impact the trust of your customers, but can also mean failing to make your figures for the entire year.


Effective Prevention of DDoS Attacks

You want to keep your money safe. DDoS attack prevention requires specific expertise, infrastructure and tools. While many companies still rely on traditional security infrastructure products like firewalls and intrusion prevention systems (IPS), such methods have proven to be insufficient to mitigate DDoS attacks.

To defend yourself against DDoS attacks during the shopping season, you should use a combination of measures, which include:

Limiting the impact of an attack deflecting all DDoS traffic targeted at the network layer.
These are the most common types of attacks, aiming to saturate the bandwidth of the attacked site or the protecting service.  High-end cloud solutions like CyberDAM.DDoS can easily swing traffic to a larger global network of scrubbing centers to deflect such attacks.

Absorbing DDoS traffic targeted at the application layer.
Low & slow (application layer) attacks are comprised of seemingly legitimate and innocent requests with the goal of crashing a specific asset such as the web server or a network element such as firewall.

Selecting an expert DDoS cloud protection solution.
Look for a vendor that has a demonstrable track record of mitigating DDoS attacks quickly and efficiently. Time to mitigate is particularly critical in an ecommerce scenario, where time is of essence.

For more information, download our DDoS Protection Buyer’s Guide or contact us.

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